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Want to expand the reach of your business globally? An influential e-commerce marketplace app like eBay can be the right solution for you. We build readymade eBay clone app solutions with fully customizable features and designs.

Sell your business products from clothes to electronics across countries and become a leading name in the e-commerce economy. Get trusted development support from the OnDemand App- the best eBay clone app development company in India.

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  • High-quality Features
  • White-label Solution
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Launch a Multi-Vendor E-commerce App like eBay with On-demand

eBay is the global e-commerce leader connecting millions of buyers and sellers on the powerful multi vendor platform.
Are you impressed with the massive popularity of the eBay marketplace? As an entrepreneur, our eBay clone app solutions are the perfect choice if you want similarly great functionalities for your e-commerce app.
eBay clone script includes all the essential features of a multivendor e-commerce marketplace. The entrepreneurs get the pre-built eBay similar functionalities for speedy success.
Wondering about app customization? Yes, our eBay e-commerce marketplace solutions are fully customizable so that you can showcase your brand and attract your customers with unique features and services.
Once you tell us about your project requirements and targeted customers, we transform the ready base with your business branding and tailored features. But, don't bother; we won't let you wait for months or weeks as we get the eBay clone app solutions ready to launch within two days.
Being a leading eBay clone app development company in India, the USA, and Germany, we always strive to deliver best-in-class solutions created with cutting-edge technology stack and outstanding features. Expand your e-commerce business globally with our outstanding eBay e-commerce clone app solutions.

How our White-label eBay Clone App Solutions benefit your business?

With a readymade eBay clone app, startups and entrepreneurs can easily enter the e-commerce space within a few days. As our eBay clone app is readymade, we can easily complete the customizations and make it ready for your business goals and requirements.

We use highly-advanced technology and innovative integrations to enrich your clone app and make it stand out in the market. We incorporate top-notch techniques to help you meet the current market trend.

  • Low Costs
  • Higher Speed
  • Highly Flexible
  • Scalable for Growth
  • Quick Order Deliveries
Why Choose?

Why choose OnDemand for eBay E-commerce App Solutions?

At On-demand app, we offer readymade eBay e-commerce app solutions at the shortest time-to-market possible. With our eBay e-commerce app clone, you can be flaunting your products and customized features within a matter of days. Further, you get the readymade eBay clone solution at an unbeatable price.

Highly Responsive

Our eBay clone apps can handle millions of user requests simultaneously and respond in seconds.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We employ the most modern technology stack to develop on-demand Etsy e-commerce apps.

Vetted Developers

Our eBay clone app developers are seasoned engineers with in-depth domain expertise.

Time Efficient

Avoid the delay in launching by switching to ready-to-launch eBay clone app solutions.

Get all your queries answered.

Want to know more about the readymade eBay e-commerce app?

Have a bunch of doubts and queries about the eBay clone app? You can connect with our technical experts, who will calmly listen to all your questions. They strive to solve all your doubts in the simplest language with no jargon.

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Key Features of our Readymade eBay E-commerce App Solutions

Advanced Search

Users can search for the products using the search bar and filter their search using advanced filters and categories.

Multi Currency Support

Online eBay supports multiple currencies that enable shoppers to pay in any currency.

Like and Share

Users can like the products on the eBay clone app and share them on their social handles.


The white-label eBay clone app allows users to rate and review any product and share their experiences.


Users can save their money in digital wallets, shop, and pay from digital wallets.

Shopping Cart

The users can keep adding products to the shopping cart and continue shopping and proceed to check out once done shopping.


Vendors can create a storefront in the eBay marketplace and list all their products, discounts, deals, etc.

Product Management

Merchants can list their store products on the app, upload their images and videos, and set prices.

Inventory Management

The white-label eBay clone app allows merchants to track their stock and notifies them of product shortages.

Banner Management

Merchants can post banners on the app to inform customers about new discounts or offers and increase sales.

Manage Categories

Merchants can classify the products in their store in multiple categories for better visibility and navigation.

Track Orders

Merchants can track the current status of each order and delivery workers and ensure smooth and timely deliveries.

Bulk Orders

Admins can set special discounts and offers on bulk purchases to entice customers to place large orders.

Stock Management

The online eBay app allows admins to monitor stock availability and get notified of stock shortages.

Customer Management

Admins can maintain a customer details database and study their shopping behaviors. They can also categorize them as regular or bulk buyers.

Review Management

Admins can manage the feedback from customers and respond. They can also resolve complaints if any.

Manage Commissions

Admins can set commissions for each vendor, receive commissions, and modify the commission rates.

Ads Management

Admins can choose the ads to be run on the eBay clone app and other factors like when and how frequently to run the ads.

Extra Features

Next-gen Features for your White-Label eBay Clone App

Referral Programs

Customers can refer the app to their friends and family and get attractive discounts or offers on each new signup.

Cancel Order

If a user mistakenly placed an order, they can cancel the order and get refunds.

Multiple Languages

The readymade eBay clone app supports many languages; users can choose a language of their choice.

Contactless Delivery

Delivery workers maintain social distancing and COVID safety guidelines by placing the parcel at the doorstep, where users can pick it in.


No cash on delivery payments to avoid the risk of contact and COVID spread.

eports & Analytics

Admins can check detailed reports generated by the white-label eBay app and analyze the business performance.


Add On Features for your eBay E-commerce Application

Invoice Generation

Store owners can generate an invoice for each purchase by the users and send them.

In-app Chat

Users can connect with the store owners to ask about product details or queries.

Store Pick up

Customers can search for products, place orders, pay, and pick the product from the nearby store.


Payment Gateway Offered


Technology Stack

Android, iOS, and Web
ReactJs, NodeJS, ExpressJs (Web apps)
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, LevelDB(iOS)
SMS, Voice, and Phone verification
Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications
Twilio Push.io
Google Analytics, Big Data, Apache, IBM, Hadoop
Placement and Sizing
Masonry and SnapKit (iOS)
Schemaless and MySQL
Caching and Queuing
Redis, Twenproxy, Celery workers

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. We customize the eBay clone apps for your business branding and integrate features to focus on your target audience.
Yes. We provide post-launch technical support, and our developers can update your apps for the latest demands.
We sign a nondisclosure agreement to assure you that your app ideas are safe with us.
Yes. The eBay clone development cost includes UI and features customizations and is final. We never charge any extra costs.