EV Charging Clone App Solution

Clone App Solution

Do you want to launch your EV charging station finder app? With OnDemand App, you will not need to wait for months to build it from scratch. We provide ondemand EV Charging clone app solutions to help you enter the industry within days or hours.

We help you lead the industry with the popular EV Charging clones like PlugShare, EVgo, and ChargeGrid. Enjoy the benefits of connecting with the top EV Charging app development company in India, USA, and Germany.

  • Quick Launch
  • Superior Quality
  • Advanced Features
  • Skilled Developers

Launch an OnDemand EV Charging App like PlugShare and Charge Grid

Do you look forward to achieving the same success as Elon Musk's electric car company? We can help you with our EV Charging clone app solutions.
The EV Charging industry is seeing a massive boom and if you want to benefit from this hike, you need an online EV Charging app.
OnDemand App is the top EV Charging clone app development company with a highly proficient team of EV Charging clone app developers. Whether you want to hire dedicated EV Charging app developers for full time or hire them for part-time, you can rely on OnDemand App.
With the EV Charging station finder app, you can let your customers know whether there is an EV charging station nearby. In addition, they can also find out if it's vacant or not and the charges.
With our ondemand EV Charging clone app solutions, you can be sure to get a user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX design. As a leading EV Charging clone app development company, we develop solutions that attract people to download your apps.
Further, if you want customizations in the clone apps, we customize the app designs to align with your business branding. Also, add or modify features as per your business needs.

How our White-label EV Charging App solutions benefit your business?

Developing a white-label EV Charging Station Finder App is beneficial in many ways. The first and biggest benefit for entrepreneurs is that the electric vehicle industry is not yet saturated. So, you stand a high chance to earn more profits with little competition.

Secondly, electric vehicles are more affordable than other vehicles and at the same time helpful in keeping the environment green and clean. So, launch your EV Charging locator app like PlugShare, EVGo, Recharge India today with OnDemand App.

  • Easy to Find EV Station
  • Cost-Effective
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Save Environment
Why Choose?

Why choose OnDemand App for EV Charging Station Finder App Solutions?

Are you looking for a reliable EV Charging Station Finder App development company? The OnDemand App is the one you can entrust.

We develop top-notch EV charging Station Finder scripts with cutting-edge technology to serve the modern demands efficiently. We help you grow your business fast by creating apps with AI-based features and appealing interface designs for your white-label EV Charging clone apps.

Appealing Designs

Attract and retain more customers with user-friendly and engaging interface designs.

No Hidden Costs

We deal transparently with no hidden costs to give our customers a clear idea of the budget.

Faster Launch

With on-demand EV Charging clone apps, you will be ready to rock the industry within a day or two.

Domain Expertise

The EV Charging App solutions we develop are backed by over 11 years of expertise.

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Key Features of Furniture EV Charging Station Finder App Solutions


Users can register or sign up for the EV Charging station finder app via email or social handles.

Profile Creation

After signing up, users can create their profile on the app by adding their personal and vehicle details.


Find the nearby EV Charging station in real-time with the geolocation feature of the EV Charging station finder app.

EV Filter Station Search

Users can also search for an EV Charging station using the search bar and many filters, like station category, availability, etc.

Book Charging Station

Once they find a vacant EV Charging station, they can book their slot adding time and date online using the EV Charging app.

Trip Planner

While traveling on longer routes, you can get alerts on nearby EV Charging stations and battery levels.

Extra Features

Next-gen Features for your White-Label EV Charging Station Finder Clone App

Multiple Payments

The online EV Charging Station finder app supports many payment modes like credit/debit cards, wallets, and net banking.

Add your Station

The EV Charging Station Finder App also allows users to add a new station, not available on the app if they find a new one.


The users can review their experiences using the app or the facilities of any EV Charging station.

Share your residential charger.

The users can share their residential charger on the EV Charging app. Other users can rent the charger for a specified rent amount.

Push Notifications

The EV Charging station locator app sends notifications and alerts to keep users updated about new or nearby stations.

AI-based Chatbot

The AI-based chatbots help users get the answers to their queries in real-time and solve queries.


Add On Features for your Furniture E-commerce Application

AR Integration

Customers can virtually place the furniture they want to purchase in every corner of their home for a better idea.

EMI Facility

You can increase your store sales by providing EMI Facility and letting them pay in installments.


Users can use the wishlist to save the products they like for future purchases.


Payment Gateway Offered


Technology Stack

Android, iOS, and Web
ReactJs, NodeJS, ExpressJs (Web apps)
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, LevelDB(iOS)
SMS, Voice, and Phone verification
Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications
Twilio Push.io
Google Analytics, Big Data, Apache, IBM, Hadoop
Placement and Sizing
Masonry and SnapKit (iOS)
Schemaless and MySQL
Caching and Queuing
Redis, Twenproxy, Celery workers

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We provide post-launch technical support, and our developers can update your apps for the latest demands.
Yes. We can integrate augmented reality features into your EV Charging Station locator app.
Yes. The white-label EV Charging station finder app supports multiple payment gateways and currencies.
Yes, of course. We provide online EV Charging station finder app solutions that are compatible on all platforms (iOS and Android) and devices.