Carros Car Marketplace App Solution

Clone App Solution

Wish to own a car marketplace like Carro? We can provide a ready-to-launch Car marketplace solution for trusted selling and buying every kind of car.

The online Carro Clone app offers all the robust features and advanced technology like Carro to give your business a kickstart. Attract millions of car lovers to your marketplace to let them purchase their dream cars from the right sellers.

  • Global Reach
  • 100% White-Label
  • Intuitive Design
  • Scalable & Secure

Launch a Car Marketplace App like Carro with On-demand

Want to invest in the profitable car buying and selling marketplace? Not sure where to start, which features to include, and where to find the qualified developers?
Do not bother! We are here to help you out in every manner.
OnDemand App is the top Carros clone app development company with over a decade of experience and a highly proficient team of Carros clone app developers. You do not need to search for the right talented developers as you can hire our professional Carros clone app developers at the right costs.
Carros clone app is a fully customizable car marketplace script with features similar to the on-demand Carros app. It is the best way to enter the industry with powerful features in the shortest possible time.
We know each business has unique needs, and thus, we customize the features and design of the Carros clone app to make it tailored for your business. We help you launch the white-label car marketplace script under your business logo and brand designs.
We ensure to keep the design customer-friendly and intuitive. With OnDemand App as your top Carros clone app development company, we will give the best car marketplace solution to stand out in the online car selling industry.

How our White-label Carros Clone App Solutions benefit your business?

Carros clone app lets car dealers easily find the rightly paying customers for their used and brand-new cars from a single platform. They just need to upload the car details and images on the car marketplace app and get purchase requests from millions of app users.

Car lovers can easily find and buy their desired cars on the online car marketplace app thanks to clear communication, an in-app camera, and virtual tours. They can also exchange their second-hand cars with other dealers.

  • Easy Sell & Purchase
  • Wider User Base
  • Test Drive Requests
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Inventory Management
  • Car Exchange
  • Virtual Tours
Why Choose?

Why choose OnDemand for Car Marketplace App Solutions?

If you are looking for a top-notch Car marketplace development company you can trust for your next project, the OnDemand App is the name you can rely on. Developing a robust Carros clone app solution involves years of expertise, a vetted team of developers, and the most advanced technology for the best results. Enter the online car selling and purchase industry affordably with our readymade Carros clone apps.

Result-Oriented Approach

We build on-demand white-label Carros clone app solutions that focus on 100% client satisfaction and business growth.

Certified Quality Assurance

Our Car marketplace app developers and quality assurance engineers conduct rigorous tests before app launch.

Advanced Technology

We offer the most reliable online Carros clone app solutions developed with the most advanced technology stack.

Pre-Vetted Developers

Our Car clone app developers have in-depth expertise in the domain and experience developing hundreds of car clone solutions.

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Connect with the technical experts of the OnDemand App to get the complete details. We offer a 10-minute free consultation to answer all your queries and doubts. Further, we listen to your unique ideas and expectations to customize and personalize the app for your business.

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Key Features of our Readymade Carros E-commerce App Solutions


Users can register to the on-demand car marketplace app by entering their email IDs or social logins.

Search Bar

Users can search for any car using the powerful search bar. They can filter and sort their search results based on various categories.

Car Overview

Users can get a complete overview of the cars with their specifications, model features, pricing, and high-quality images and videos.

Compare Cars

Users can easily compare the specifications and price of cars through comparison charts on the online Carros clone app.

Request Quotation

Users can book an appointment with the dealer or request a quote before moving to the final purchase.

Car Exchange

Users can upload images and videos of their existing cars and exchange them with other dealers on the on-demand white-label car marketplace.

Store Registration

Dealers can register their car stores on the online Carros clone app by adding important store information like name, contact details, address, etc.

Manage Listings

Dealers can list the cars in various categories or similar cars with corresponding features to make the comparison easier for users.

Upload Images/Videos

Dealers can use the in-app camera of the online car marketplace application to click and upload high-quality images and videos of cars.

Create Deals

Dealers can increase their sales by creating and offering attractive deals on their stores.

Manage Price

Dealers can adjust the prices of a particular car based on the market demands and their profit margins.

Call Buyers

Dealers can directly connect with the buyers on phone calls using the in-app calling feature of the online Carros clone app.

Centralized Dashboard

Admins can monitor the entire business operations on the powerful dashboard of the on-demand Carros clone app.

Listing Management

Admins add/ remove/ edit any car listings with their details on the white-label car marketplace app.

Sales Management

Admins can track the sales activities of each car on the ready-to-use Carros clone app. They can also track various promotional activities.

Car Management

Admins can store and manage the details of each car listed on the on-demand car marketplace application.

Seller Management

Admins can access the complete details of each seller and verify their profiles before they register to the Carros clone app.

Buyer Management

Admins can store and access the details of each buyer registered on the on-demand Car marketplace app.

Extra Features

Next-gen Features for your White-Label Carros Clone App

Payment Management

Admins can view the invoices and bills related to each car sold on the online car marketplace app.

Promotions Management

Admins can increase the visibility of the car marketplace app and boost sales by conducting various promotional activities.

Analytics & Reports

Through analytical reports, admins can get meaningful insights into business performance and user shopping choices.

Loyalty Rewards

Buyers win redeemable points on each successful referral of the online car marketplace app. They can use these points to get discounts on their purchases.

Reviews & Ratings

Customers can rate any car purchased and express their reviews on the services of the online Carros clone app.

Book Test Drives

Buyers can book a test drive for a particular car they want to purchase by entering car details, date, and time.


Add On Features for your Car Marketplace Application


The users and sellers can check the geographic locations of the used and the brand-new cars and close deals based on the location proximity

Virtual Tour

Users can get a virtual tour of the cars and experience the minute details before purchasing any car from the Carros clone app.

Bid System

The online car marketplace also supports a bid system where buyers can bid for a particular car, and the best price gets the car.


Payment Gateway Offered


Technology Stack

Android, iOS, and Web
ReactJs, NodeJS, ExpressJs (Web apps)
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, LevelDB(iOS)
SMS, Voice, and Phone verification
Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications
Google Analytics, Big Data, Apache, IBM, Hadoop
Placement and Sizing
Masonry and SnapKit (iOS)
Schemaless and MySQL
Caching and Queuing
Redis, Twenproxy, Celery workers

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The white-label online car marketplace app can easily scale as per your evolving and growing business needs.
Yes. The Carros clone development cost includes UI and features customizations and is final. We never charge any extra costs.
We offer maintenance and support services after the app launch at no cost for a limited period. If you want extended post-launch services, it will cost extra charges.
Our Carros clone app solutions are ready to launch. We can customize and launch them within 48 hours.