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Top Rideshare Apps Driving On-demand Shared Mobility Forward

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Rideshare apps allow multiple passengers to use the same vehicle and minimize congestion. You can contribute less to environmental emissions, helping combat climate change by filling up vacant seats.

 In addition, as the cost is shared among the riders, passengers can enjoy lower fares compared to daily taxi trips. Car owners can also recover some of the cost of fuel delivery by allowing people to ride with them and get paid.

What rideshare software would you use? Wondering? Here’s a list of some of the world’s most popular ridesharing apps. But first, we will explore the main business models that startups and organizations use to share / Carpool apps.

Rideshare Apps / Carpooling apps work under different models and we are going to explore the most common ones.

  • Peer to peer model

Many firms, such as Waze Carpool, are using the peer-to-peer model. The theory is clear – the more citizens, the less they can pay. In Waze Carpool, for example, riders have to pay the driver for the distance they have traveled

When more passengers ride, the cost per head decreases. On the other side, the driver will reimburse fuel from all passengers’ collective income. Waze Carpool does not use drivers and users to share their journeys with normal people.

  • Aggregator

This model is used by players such as Uber, who cut the driver’s profits. Matching takes place using smart algorithms to bind passengers who go in the same direction and pay a share of their fare. You share your journey with other people to pay less.

List of popular Ridesharing apps across the globe

Left line

Lyft Line is a modern way of sharing your journeys, which helps you less by traveling on the same route as you. Created by Lyft, Lyft’s second-biggest volume rideshare app, drivers will share their journey passengers with a discounted price. Compared to calling a different taxi, passengers save up to 60 percent on fares.

Uber pool

Uber Pool is a ride-hailing giant Uber carpool service provided for a variety of passengers, with reduced rates available on the same car.

Ola share

By giving you the option to travel with others, Ola Share reduces your regular commuter rate. All you have to do is give the location and destination of your pickup and the software suits drivers in the same direction for ease


Zimride is one of the biggest carpool software in USA and integrates drivers and drivers using social media. It provides a cost-saving and effective solution for companies and universities. It has also formed a Zipcar and Facebook collaboration.

Careem sawa

“SAWA” is Careem’s ridesharing service, where only one seat can be reserved. A nearby captain (driver) who provides the carpooling service is also available for you. It is not time to wait or traffic that drivers will enjoy inexpensive trips.

Waze carpool

Waze belongs to Google and attracts already 100 million active monthly users. Drivers will pick drivers based on full profiles, ratings and philtres, so that only employees or same-sex drivers can get there. The number of trips per day is currently limited to 2.


Getaround is different from other carpooling apps because sharing rides doesn’t work. Either you can rent your car or you can find cars on the website for hire. Rent starts at $5 an hour and car owners should expect a decent return on car sharing.


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