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On-Demand Grocery Delivery App– A Retailer’s Guide For...

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App- A Retaile0r's Guide For Online Grocery App Development

A lot has changed. See the eye-opening statistics. 

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The major driver behind the unmatched growth in the grocery delivery space is COVID-19, which is also regarded as the transformative moment in history. It has compelled the grocery stores to willingly or unwillingly go on-demand to weather the storm. The situation is similar across the globe because shopping for groceries on mobile is the only go-to solution under the social distancing phenomenon.

Things have started to change quite earlier, but due to the pandemic, the adoption of on-demand grocery app is accelerated. Now, a larger population worldwide availing the on-demand grocery solution to get groceries delivered at the doorstep just in a few clicks.

What does it mean for grocery stores?

There is a big opportunity knocking on the door in the form of on-demand grocery app development to understand the user buying behavior, outperform the competitors, and land the business on a profitable lane. Want to compliment the grocery store with an app jam-packed with necessary features? But unclear how to start and what to include and what not in the app? If so, you reached the right place. Here, we have got your needs covered by enlisting all the essential features in detail.

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The business model of On-demand grocery delivery app development

  • Independent grocery shop:

The independent grocery store can get a dedicated grocery app for the store where they can manage inventory, orders, and deliveries under the hood.

  • Grocery store chain:

The grocery store with multiple stores in a city provides a platform to the customers where they can view all the brand stores in different areas and place the order.

  • Grocery store marketplace:

Different grocery stores aggregated and listed on a platform like- a marketplace where the customers will get all the groceries from different sellers and order as per their need.

The non-negotiable grocery app development features

The user-friendly on-demand solution serves the needs of everyone with three distinct interfaces that work in rhythm to make the app stand out.

Grocery Delivery App – User Panel Features


The users can register or sign in with an email ID, phone number, or social credentials.

The users can register or sign in with an email ID, phone number, or social credentials.

Profile management:

Create and manage the profile by adding images, contact details, billing addresses, and others.

Easy search:

The users can quickly find groceries by applying filters such as category, type, cost, and others.

Order scheduling:

Order the groceries after selecting the items, adding them to the cart, making payment, and schedule the date and time slot.

Order overview:

The users can view the summary of the order to place along with the billing address, price, and payment option so that if anything has been done mistakenly, it can be made right.

Order tracking:

Keep tabs on the order progress just after the order is placed till its final delivery so that no confusion remains. Also, the ETAs are defined after the order placement.

Order history:

View all the orders placed in a month or year in a single tap. Also, the products are reordered from the history feature without needing to search for the same item and then place an order.

Reviews and ratings:

Rate the services received from the app and provide feedback for the same so that services are improved accordingly


The notifications regarding offers, coupon codes, or new items added are sent to the customers.

Grocery Delivery App – Driver App Features

Request acceptance:

The drivers reserve the right to accept or reject the order delivery request based on availability. Also, they can toggle the status and go offline if they don't want to work anymore.

Delivery schedule:

Manage multiple order deliveries after order delivery tasks assignment so that deliveries are done on time.

Route optimization:

The optimized routes that enable drivers to reach the location in less time and consuming less fuel are suggested so that more deliveries are done at the same time.


With an in-built map, the drivers can track the location and get the directions to easily navigate, and reach the customers' location.

In-app chat:

The drivers can get connected with customers and communicate with them in the event they are finding it difficult to reach the defined location.


Keep track of all the deliveries made and the earnings right on the grocery delivery app.


The new order delivery-related or any T&C update-related notifications are sent to the drivers.

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Grocery Delivery Boy App – Admin Panel Features

Vendor management:

Register new vendors and provide access to them to list the products on the app. Also, the list of all the vendors is viewed and managed from a single dashboard.

Inventory management:

Manage stocks and order more products in bulk after analyzing the availability and demand.

Order management:

View and manage all the orders placed by the customers, the order progress, and the completed orders.

Customer management:

View and manage the customers' data, their orders, and other details.

Categories management:

Create and manage the categories based on the type of groceries that the store offers.

Payment management:

Add, enable, or disable various payment modes depending on the customers' preferences.

Transaction management:

All the transactions that occurred at the platform and the earnings of the vendor are viewed. Also, the commission rates are set.

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Shape your on-demand grocery app idea into a reality?

The team of tech geeks along with business analysts sits with the client to understand the app development and design requirements. Later, the project scope is created where the features in detail are enlisted alongside the timeline and development cost are described. When the client approves of the same, the project goes on the floor.

There are two ways to accomplish the same- the client wants a custom grocery app development but not sure about the market response for the app idea. That's where we prefer to go MVP approach so that the app idea is tested in the market in a short span, and if everything goes well, then the app is enhanced with more features and unique design. Building a custom app is an expensive approach that consumes dollars, time, and effort more as opposed to readymade solutions.

Another way- rebranding white-label solution is most preferred by the start-ups with a limited budget and wanted to go on-demand in a week or two. The solution performs flawlessly and is scaled if the client requires it at a later stage. The required assistance and support and maintenance services are also guaranteed whenever the client needs them.

The former approach (Custom development cost ) requires you to spend around $20k, while the latter option (White-label) wants you to invest just $5k.

It doesn't matter how you mobilize the grocery business as the app will appeal to your customers is guaranteed. Don't wait anymore. Let the skilled programmers and design gurus help you to get build your dream app.


Expanding the grocery store footprint to the mobile is not a novelty; instead, it has turned into a necessity, that's proven by the fact that mom- and-pop stores are now available online.

Getting things available in a couple of clicks and a day or two has become a trend that has already picked up the pace among customers. It makes perfect sense to embrace the on-demand grocery delivery solution willingly because your customer loved it, else you better know. Get connected with our business consultants to share your requirements and get the needed assistance.

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