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The Essential Features You Cannot Ignore In On-Demand...

The Essential Features You Cannot Ignore In On-Demand Laundry App Development

Trip down memory lane a 100 years back, when doing laundry involved some serious arm muscles. Thankfully, laundry machines and dryers have made it damn easier, just toss the clothes and they come out as clean. However, if you are not lucky enough to have the machine in-home or in- building laundry room, then laundry becomes one of the panic chores.

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Alas! The people are left with no option other than taking the heavy bag of clothes to Laundromat, which is tedious, time-consuming, and arduous. This is where on-demand laundry services come in handy.

Alleviating the need to lug around a heavy bag, the on-demand laundry apps allow the people to keep the bag of dirty clothes ready and the service provider will pickup and drop-off the laundry after cleaning. There is a slew of laundry apps- Rinse, Cleanly, FlyCleaners, and TaskRabbit that are performing exceptionally well in the market because they are making the people free from the unpleasant washing and cleaning tasks in exchange for optimal charges.

Catching up with trends

  • The global online on-demand laundry service market is expected to reach USD 96,155 million by 2024.
  • The dry cleaning and laundry services are projected to generate $7,660 million as revenue by 2022 in the USA.
  • Cleanly app is leading the way with $2 million revenue each year followed by Rinse and FlyCleaners with $1 million revenue each year.

The fascinating figures delight the traditional businesses as going online gives them a lucrative opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds. Also, in the dynamic world, it's becoming a necessity as people no more wants to invest the time in washing clothes which otherwise could be spent on pleasant activities.

What's your take? Interested in joining the race with on-demand app development? If so, it's a great choice you have made. Again, it's not going to be an easy walk. To make the app stand out of the crowd in the intense competition, it's essential to understand the concept of the on-demand laundry app concept, stakeholders involved, and the features.

Let's dive in!

Three different interfaces for the key stakeholders

Customer: The customers can place the order for laundry and set a schedule for the order pick-up using the mobile app development or website along with many features.

Delivery person: When the customer leaves an order, the allocated delivery person collects the laundry and takes it to the laundryman. When the laundry is done, the delivery person collects it from the laundryman and drop-off to the customers.

Laundry: The laundry app is connected to the delivery person app and customer app where the orders placed by the customers directly reached to laundry app, and then the delivery person, laundryman, laundry service, and other things are allocated. It works like an admin panel where all the information and operations related to order from its placement to the completion, everything is controlled.

The three stakeholders play an important role to make the on-demand laundry app work. From placing and accepting the laundry orders to the laundry pickup and drop-off, the continuous in-app communication is all-important to enable laundry for customers and deliver a smooth wow experience.

The functionalities that each of the mobile app interfaces will have:

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Customer App Development

Onboarding: For a better starting, the users are allowed to register or login using the mobile number or social media accounts.

Services types: Every customer and their laundry is special, which they want to be cleaned uniquely. The users can select the type of clothes to wash, detergent to use, type of wash (Machine-cleaning or hand-wash), and other preferences.

Scheduling: The professionals are not necessarily at home always. They define the pick-up and drop-off time and date to get the laundry collected and delivered in the expected time at their doorstep.

Cost estimation: Just like taxi fare calculation, the users also get an estimate of the laundry cost based on the type of clothes, services they select, and materials they define.

Order tracking: The users can check the laundry order status and the notifications are also sent to them to stay informed about the laundry order changes.

Order history: The complete history of all the laundry orders placed in a week, month, or a year with complete details can be viewed.

Feedback: Post-receiving the laundry, the users can post the reviews on the app or website regarding the services delivered.

Multiple payment options: The wide range of payment options such as credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, or cash allow the users to make the payment the way they want.

Offers: In this section, the users can view the personalized coupon codes or the loyalty points collected, which can be redeemed on the next laundry order.

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Delivery Boy App

Login: Easy login is facilitated through mobile numbers or social media accounts credentials.

Access order info: The pickup and drop-off date and time of the laundry orders can be viewed.

Map integration: Track the user's location for easy arrival during laundry pick-up and drop-off.

Route optimization: The convenient route can be built for pick-ups and drop-off through GPS technology when the location is added on the map.

Status changes: The order status is changed on the app as the laundry wash progresses.

Earning tracking: Track the earning for a particular trip and the detailed status of overall earning.

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Laundry App Development

Centralized dashboard: The admin can view the users, orders, delivery person, and the order status-related data on a single screen.

Data access: All the customers and the orders data can be accessed by the admin.

Order history: Browse the order history, loyalty points earned, and tailor-made offers sent to the customers.

Analytics: Get the report for weekly, monthly, or yearly earnings and analyze them to get rich insights out of the data using analytics tools like- Apache Spark, Apache Storm, and open source analytics tools.

Calendar view: Set the important events on the calendar and get the automated reminder for the same to not miss the scheduled deliveries.


The on-demand laundry business model was invented to meet the user's needs of getting the laundry done in a hassle-free manner. The mobile app can do wonders for busy customers and the traditional laundrymen looking for customers. The void filled by the on-demand app has become the top reason for its popularity. The excellent customer experience increased orders, and higher earnings are the add-ons, which are gearing up new players to try the hands.

There is a huge room for the local laundrymen to get a slice of the business due to zero competition. Later, they can expand gradually. Get connected with our business consultants to conceptualize and know how to shape your on-demand app idea into a reality.

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