Readymade Truck Dispatch Software Solution

Your single powerful Truck dispatch software solution to automate your complicated trucking business. You can manage your activities seamlessly via a readymade on-demand trucking app, from shipping requests to inventory to invoicing.

We help you increase your business efficiency, reduce your overwhelmed workloads, and optimize every process step. Save your time and effort by automating tasks with the readymade truck dispatch software solution.

  • Automatic Call Checking
  • Single-tap Invoice
  • Customizable Features
  • GPS Tracking

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Launch a white-label Truck Dispatch Software with On-demand

The global freight trucking market will reach $5.5 Trillion by 2027. It's the perfect time to digitize your trucking business with advanced technology.

With a readymade Truck Dispatch Software Solution, you can streamline and automate the operations of your trucking business, thus, increasing its efficiency. You can easily interact between truck drivers, dispatchers, and end customers.

You can avail tons of benefits when you connect with the OnDemand App, the top logistics app development company. We save your precious time with our readymade on-demand trucking app solutions. You can watch the live demo of our prebuilt apps and choose from the online trucking app presets.

The white-label on-demand trucking apps that we build are fully customizable, as you can ask for a complete redesigning of the app to resonate with your business. You can also ask for customization in features as per your business purpose, target audience, and operating market.

With the Uber for trucking app solution, you can closely manage every stage of the load lifecycle and cut costs while increasing productivity. You can monitor all the trucks in real-time as they move across the map. Further, it automates tasks like customer invoicing, driver settlement, etc.

As one of the top trucking dispatch software development companies, we focus on your business growth as the white-label trucking app eliminates the need for manual tasks.

You can plan drivers' trips most efficiently, strategically negotiate with brokers using easy-to-understand data on market demand, and much more through our readymade on-demand trucking app solutions.

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How our readymade truck dispatch software solutions benefit your business?

With an online readymade truck dispatch software, you can reduce your workload and manage your widespread trucking business. The Uber for trucking app helps you automate the tasks done manually and thus brings more efficiency to your business.

You can easily manage your fleet, orders, customers, and inventory online with uber-like trucking app solutions. As a leading on-demand trucking app development agency, we help you accelerate your business growth by developing readymade mobile apps.

  • Improved Fleet Management
  • Effective Inventory Management
  • Multi-location Access
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Real-time Tracking
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Why choose OnDemand for your trucking business?

We offer technology-driven trucking app solutions to help you streamline and manage your business across widespread geographic locations. We help you sustain and grow in the logistics industry with our next-gen, readymade trucking app solutions.

24/7 Support

We offer round-the-clock support to resolve any issues or bugs in the trucking app.

Full Stack Capabilities

Our trucking app developers are well-versed in using full-stack technologies and frameworks.

Strict NDA

We sign an NDA before starting any project and strictly follow the privacy norms.

Support for Upgrades

We offer timely services to update and upgrade your on-demand trucking app solutions.

our premium features

Key Features of our Readymade Truck Dispatch App Solutions

Manage Bookings

The carriers can easily manage bookings on the trucking app. They can choose to accept or reject requests.


The carriers app generates real-time notifications and alerts about important activities like order requests, bookings, cancellations, etc.

Manage Fleet

Carriers can manage the details of the fleet on the trucking app. For instance, add & update truck details, check maintenance updates, fuel, etc.


The trucking app generates data-driven monthly reports to track orders and earnings.

Manage Drivers

Carriers can store and manage the details of drivers, update their details, and check their availability and current status.

View Feedback

Carriers can view the feedback and reviews given by the shippers on the trucking app. They can also share their feedback.


The shippers have to register on the trucking app with email id, contact details, or social handles.

Track Shipments

Using GPS navigation, the shippers can track the real-time status of freight from pickup to the destination point.

Make Payment

Shippers can pay online securely via the trucking app. They can pay using any mode, like debit/credit card, digital wallets, or cash.

Shipping Request

The shippers can send a request for shipping by adding details of freight dimensions, pickup, and delivery addresses.

Booking History

Shippers can see the details of past and current bookings in booking history on the on-demand trucking app.

Push Notifications

The shippers receive notifications of all important activities like booking confirmations, cancellation, shipping, discounts, offers, etc.

Driver Authentication

Drivers have to register on the trucking app by entering their contact details and email ids and submit documents like license, identity card, etc.

In-app Chat

The drivers can text the shipper from the trucking app in case of any queries or doubts.

View Shipping Request

The drivers can view shipping requests on the trucking app. They can either accept or reject the requests.

Built-In Navigation

The drivers can view the directions to destinations or check real-time traffic using GPS navigation.

View Shipper Details

Drivers can see the details of shippers like contact and order summary and can connect with them for any doubts or queries.

Shipment Details

Drivers can see freight details like pickup and drop-off locations, scheduled pickup times, etc.

Admin Dashboard

The admins can view and manage all the activities of shippers, carriers, and drivers on the admin dashboard.

Manage Carriers

Admins can store, manage, and update details of carriers on the dashboard. For instance, add and update details of all transporters & cargo movers companies.

Manage Drivers

Admin can activate/deactivate drivers, track their activities, assign jobs, settle payments, etc., from the readymade trucking app.

Manage Bills

Admin can track payments from the shippers to carriers and calculate the total commission earned.

Manage Trucks

Admin can manage the fleet on the on-demand trucking app. They can add, remove and update freight vehicles, and view their maintenance and service details.

Manage Shippers

Admins can view details of shippers; they can also assist them in bookings.

Unique features

Next-gen Features for your On-demand Truck Dispatch App

Reports & Analytics

The trucking app generates monthly reports on shipment deliveries, commissions, etc., to get in-depth analysis.

View Trucks

The shippers can choose which trucks are available within the pickup radius.


Add On Features for your Trucking Application.

Booking on Call

The users with no access to a smartphone can call the admin to book shipping requests.

Currency Choice

We can add any currency to the on-demand trucking app for your seamless business operations internationally.

Trip Later

The users can schedule a shipment using a trip later on the readymade trucking app.

Miscellaneous costs

The drivers can add any miscellaneous cost on the online trucking app during the trip.


The drivers can ask for the user's e-signatures and upload them on the on-demand trucking app.


Payment Gateway Offered


Technology Stack

Android, iOS, and Web
ReactJs, NodeJS, ExpressJs (Web apps)
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, LevelDB(iOS)
SMS, Voice, and Phone verification
Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications
Google Analytics, Big Data, Apache, IBM, Hadoop
Placement and Sizing
Masonry and SnapKit (iOS)
Schemaless and MySQL
Caching and Queuing
Redis, Twenproxy, Celery workers
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General Features

Native iOS App for Driver

Native iOS App for Shipper

Native Android App for Driver

Native Android App for Shipper

Front-End Website

Admin Panel


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer white label truck dispatch software solutions with 100% customizable features and designs.
Yes. The readymade truck dispatch solutions can scale to hassle-free manage hundreds of dispatch requests.
You can find the demo links of our featured and developed works on our website. Contact-
The cost depends on the features you want to integrate into the app. You can book a free consultation call with our technical experts and quote.