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Want to boost your grocery store sales with no sweat? Get a readymade Grocery delivery app like Instacart, Grofers, or Bigbasket for your grocery store.

OnDemand App is a top grocery delivery app development company in India, the USA, and Germany holding over ten years of expertise in the Industry. Whether you own a single grocery store or run a grocery chain, we have fully customizable grocery delivery apps.

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Launch a white-label Grocery Delivery App with On-demand

The pandemic has not only affected everyday life but shopping behavior too. People tend to avoid crowded public spaces and in-store shopping to prevent infection. Seventy-five percent of American consumers say they would like to purchase grocery items online. Thus, there is a hike in demand for on-demand grocery delivery apps.

With On-demand App, you can take optimal advantage of this hike. We can help you enter the profitable online grocery delivery industry within a week. We build readymade Grocery delivery apps like BigBasket, Amazon Pantry, and Walmart.

Being a leading Grocery delivery app development company, we can help you create an online presence for your grocery delivery business, boost your sales, and earn huge profits with the OnDemand app.

We have been in the on-demand Industry for a decade and have helped many clients succeed in their online businesses. Your customers can easily order groceries online with a few taps on their smartphones. They can also schedule deliveries in advance or ask for instant 10-minute deliveries.

So, with our Uber-like grocery delivery app solutions, you can easily attract new customers or retain existing customers by offering the most efficient grocery delivery services.

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How our readymade on-demand Grocery delivery App solutions benefit your business?


Owning a readymade grocery delivery app like Instacart, AmazonFresh, and Bigbasket means you have a huge customer base online. In addition, you can streamline your business operations with automated order bookings, schedules, deliveries, payments, etc.

Moreover, the white-label grocery delivery apps offer data-driven insights into customer preferences and shopping behaviors that help create better marketing strategies. Connect with the OnDemand App and get an online grocery delivery app for your business ready within hours.

  • Insights & Analytics
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty
  • Real-time trackings
  • Inventory Management
About company

Why choose OnDemand for your Grocery Delivery business?

Our fully customizable Grocery delivery app solutions meet your unique business ideas and vision. We offer on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps for businesses of all sizes and models. We assure 100% transparency and quality of codes to help you grow to newer heights.

Transparent Costs

We never charge extra or hidden charges on any on-demand mobile app solutions.

Licensed Codes

We use high-quality codes and give full ownership codes to our clients for security.

10X years in Industry

We build on-demand grocery delivery apps using our ten years of experience and the latest stacks.

Customizable Features

We can customize the features and designs of the readymade grocery delivery apps as per your business requirements.

our premium features

Key Features of our Readymade Grocery Delivery App Solutions

on-demand on-demand
Register & Login

The customers can register on the app by entering their mail IDs or contact number.

Search Nearby Stores

Customers can view the list of Grocery stores available on the app, view their products, compare prices, and then decide to order.

Add To Cart

The users can select the products they like for purchase and add them to the cart.

Live Order Tracking

The users can check the current status of their grocery orders using the GPS navigation feature.

In-App Payments

The customers can make online in-app payments. The on-demand grocery delivery app includes many gateways like digital wallets, cards, etc.

Ratings & Review online

The users can share their feedback and review their experience with the online grocery delivery app.

on-demand on-demand
Availability Toggle

Delivery drivers choose to switch offline and online during different hours of the day. They can go offline during peak hours.

Order Requests

Delivery drivers get a notification on the driver's app when any customer places an order.

Manage Earnings

The on-demand grocery delivery app lets drivers track orders, commissions, and other payments.

Live Tracking

The drivers can track destinations for deliveries and view directions using GPS navigation and maps.


Delivery drivers can create their profiles on the grocery delivery app by adding their contact details, license, certificates, etc.

Ratings & Reviews

Delivery drivers can also give feedback about the app services, features, or any customer.

on-demand on-demand

The admin checks the profile of each driver, and the customer authenticates the profiles, and then only they can register on the app.

Admin Dashboard

The admins can manage the activities of multiple grocery stores, customers, and drivers, all on the single admin dashboard.

Manage Orders

The admins can view all the orders placed by customers, assign orders to drivers, and check the current status of each order.

Coupons, Discounts, and Offers

The admins can create discounts, special offers, and promo codes on the readymade grocery delivery app to boost sales.

Manage Customers

The admins can view the details of each customer and orders placed by them on the admin dashboard.

Sub-admin creation

The admins have the authority to create sub-admins and assign them tasks for better management.

Items Management

The store owners can easily manage the inventory on the online grocery delivery app. For instance, items available in store, expiry dates, etc.

Respond to Reviews

The admins can respond to the reviews and feedback given by customers through online grocery delivery apps.

Manage Orders

Store owners receive order notifications on the app; they can accept or reject requests, assign deliveries, and check the status of all orders.

View Customer Details

Store owners can view detailed information about their online customer base and plan discounts or offers.


Store owners can receive, manage or settle payments directly from the uber-like grocery delivery app.

Create Profile

Store owners have to register on the readymade grocery delivery app and create a profile for their grocery store.

on-demand on-demand
Manage LaundryMan

The admin can manage and track the activities of the laundryman under the admin panel.

Manage Users

The admin can store and manage valuable data and information about the users with the Uber-like laundry apps.

Manage Commission

The admin can set the commission rate for each laundry agent and settle the commission payments on the laundry app.

Laundry Provider Verification

The admin verifies the profile of each laundry service provider and can either approve or reject the profile.

Manage Notifications

The admin can manage to send mass notifications to all the users and service providers to retain customers.

Manage Promo Code

The Admin can create/ update promo codes to attract more users and boost business.

Unique features

Next-gen Features for your On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Social Login

The users can also register on the on-demand Grocery delivery app through their social handles.

Save for Later

If the user likes the product but does not want to purchase it currently, they can save it later, and the app will remind them to buy it the next time they log in.


Add On Features for your Grocery Delivery Application.

Store wise Commission

The admins can set a different percentage of Commission for each grocery store directly from the admin panel.

Voice Instructions

The customers can send voice messages to delivery drivers for any instructions on address, etc.

Multiple currency support

The online grocery delivery app supports multiple currencies for users to make payments.

Multiple language support

The on-demand grocery delivery app supports local and international languages besides English.

Location-based Promo codes

The admins can create different promo codes for each location for better profits.

Reassign Delivery

If any driver is not available or rejects a delivery request, the admin can reassign the delivery request to any other driver.


Payment Gateway Offered


Technology Stack

Android, iOS, and Web
ReactJs, NodeJS, ExpressJs (Web apps)
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, LevelDB(iOS)
SMS, Voice, and Phone verification
Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications
Google Analytics, Big Data, Apache, IBM, Hadoop
Placement and Sizing
Masonry and SnapKit (iOS)
Schemaless and MySQL
Caching and Queuing
Redis, Twenproxy, Celery workers
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General Features

Native iOS App for Driver

Native iOS App for Shipper

Native Android App for Driver

Native Android App for Shipper

Front-End Website

Admin Panel


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer add-on features requested by car rental owners as per their evolving business needs and technological advancements.
The cost depends on the features you want to integrate into the app. You can book a free consultation call with our technical experts and quote.
Yes, we give our clients full ownership of license base source code.
Yes. We offer on-demand grocery delivery app solutions supporting multiple currencies. With multi-currency support, you can expand your customer reach to international customers.