Readymade Fuel Delivery app Solution

Expand your customer serving radius by fueling your customer vehicles at their doorsteps whenever they demand. Being a leading fuel delivery app development company, we offer white-label on-demand fuel delivery app solutions.

Whether you are just starting up or running multiple fuel stations, our readymade fuel delivery solutions are 100% customizable to suit the needs of each business owner. We care to easily tailor the designs and features to achieve your business goals.

  • Readymade Solutions
  • Complete Code Authority
  • Budgeted Costs
  • Tailored Features

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Uber Clone

Launch a white-label Fuel Delivery app with On-demand

With the immense success of Uber-like business models, every industry seeks to benefit. Fuel delivery is also a profitable business and is getting huge customer demand.

If you want to build an online fuel delivery app for your business, the OnDemand App is the name you can rely on. We are a leading OnDemand app development company in India, the USA, Germany, and Canada operating in the industry for over a decade.

We can build a white-label on-demand fuel delivery app to let you deliver petrol and diesel to customers' doorsteps. It will give your business a huge customer base as customers can reach you online. Customers can avoid long queues to get their fuel tanks refilled with the readymade on-demand fuel delivery app solutions.

You can easily receive all the orders on the fuel delivery app, accept or reject orders, assign deliveries to the drivers and handle every task online through the OnDemand fuel delivery app.

With Uber-like fuel delivery, you can streamline your operations and save time. The app automates tasks like managing the fleet, monitoring fuel stock, etc. You can also track the status of each delivery fleet in real-time on the white-label fuel delivery app.

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How our readymade Fuel Delivery app solutions benefit your business?

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You can reap the benefits of entering the digital sector with top-notch online fuel delivery app solutions. The Uber for fuel delivery apps helps you deliver the fuel to the doorsteps and thus broader your customer base.

With the white-label on-demand fuel delivery app solutions, we help you grow quickly. You can improve your business efficiency with automated orders and delivery operations. Moreover, with home fuel deliveries, you increase customer satisfaction by avoiding long fuel refill queues.

  • Easy Refill
  • Safe & Quicker Deliveries
  • Multi-currency payments
  • Real-time tracking
About company

Why choose OnDemand for your Fuel Delivery app business?

On-demand fuel delivery apps are gaining huge demand. As the leading on-demand app development company, we can build top-notch on-demand fuel delivery app solutions at affordable costs.

Cost-Effective development

You can get Uber-like fuel delivery apps with the OnDemand app to suit your budget.

Secure Codes

We use clean and secure codes for the readymade fuel delivery app solutions and share full code ownership.

Top-tier technology

We help you stand out in the market and sustain with the latest tech stacks and user-friendly designs.

Quick Launch

With the OnDemand app, we help you enter the market in the least possible time.

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Key Features of our Readymade Fuel Delivery App Solutions

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User Profile

Customers can log in or sign up on the readymade fuel delivery application via email IDs or social accounts.

Search Nearby or Search with Location

Customers can search for nearby fuel delivery vendors either using the nearby search or manually entering the location.

Select Fuel Type

Customers can place real-time orders from the application by selecting fuel types like petrol or diesel and entering the quantity required.

In-App Secure Payment

Customers can make payments using their credit and debit cards, digital wallets, or cash.

Real-time Delivery Tracking

The customers can use integrated Google Maps to track the delivery person's arrival and their estimated arrival time.

Order History

Customers can check their ongoing, completed, and canceled orders. They get a brief overview of their fuel consumption and delivery.

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Register Fuel Station

Vendors can register their fuel stations on the online fuel delivery app by adding details and required documents.

Vendor Profile

Vendors can create a complete personalized profile on the online fuel delivery app.

Add Multiple Fuel Vehicles

Vendors can add, update, and delete multiple vehicles and provide details like fleet carriage quantity, registration details, etc

Add Multiple Drivers

Vendors can add and delete driver profiles and their details like name, years of experience, driving permit details, etc.

Configure Details

Vendors can configure fuel details like type, price, quantity available, etc., to provide complete transparency to their customers.

Working Hours

Vendors can define the working hours of fuel stations on the readymade on-demand fuel delivery app.

Accept/ Reject Customer Request

Vendors can manage fuel delivery requests and either accept or reject them.

Booking Details

On the dashboard, vendors can view booking details like approval requests, ongoing, pending, canceled bookings, etc.

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Drivers Profile

Drivers can log in via social sign-ins, enter email IDs, and create personalized profiles.

Check Assigned Deliveries

Drivers are notified when a new delivery is assigned; they can check complete details like the customer's quantity, location, etc.


Using integrated Google Maps, drivers can view directions and optimal routes to navigate to the customer's location.

Delivery Status

Delivery drivers can update the delivery status such as waiting, on the way, location, delivered, etc.

In-app Communication

The on-demand fuel delivery app offers in-app communication where a driver can call or chat with the customers immediately.

OTP Verification

Once the driver delivers fuel, the customer gets OTP to provide the driver to end the delivery process. It adds an extra layer of security.

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The admin can view necessary customer, vendor, and driver information on the admin dashboard

Approve/ Reject Vendor Request

The admin verifies vendor profiles when they register and approve or reject vendor requests.

Manage Vendor

Admin can view and manage vendor details like their name, fuel station location, daily deliveries, etc.

Manage Customers

Admin can view and manage important details of customers, the number of orders placed, etc.

Configure Fuel Type and Price

Admins can configure, add, and update fuel types and prices on the online fuel delivery app.

Approve/Reject Fuel Station Request

Admins verify fuel stations for registering on the on-demand fuel delivery app and approve or reject fuel station requests.

Unique features

Next-gen Features for your On-demand Fuel Delivery App

Referral Programs

Admins can run referral programs on the online fuel delivery app to boost sales where the current users can refer the app to their friends and family.

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Inventory Management

Admins can update the inventory by entering new fuel or gas stock with prices. The stock management feature notifies managers if fuel or gas reaches the shortage limit.


Add On Features for your Fuel Delivery application.

Smart Analytics

The admins can track the fuel demand and field performance and get real-time data to support field workers.

Digital Billing

Vendors can send digital invoices to customers and partners through built-in invoicing functionality on the fuel delivery app.

Customer Support

The readymade fuel delivery app offers an automated chat functionality with an ML-based chatbot to provide 24/7 support to customers.


The vendors can define the areas where they provide fuel deliveries using geofencing.

SOS for Emergency

The delivery drivers can use the SOS emergency button to send a panic alert to the emergency contacts.

Number Masking

The users can use the call masking feature to hide their contact details from the drivers for additional security.


Payment Gateway Offered

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Technology Stack

Android, iOS, and Web
ReactJs, NodeJS, ExpressJs (Web apps)
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, LevelDB(iOS)
SMS, Voice, and Phone verification
Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications
Google Analytics, Big Data, Apache, IBM, Hadoop
Placement and Sizing
Masonry and SnapKit (iOS)
Schemaless and MySQL
Caching and Queuing
Redis, Twenproxy, Celery workers
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General Features

Native iOS App for Driver

Native iOS App for Shipper

Native Android App for Driver

Native Android App for Shipper

Front-End Website

Admin Panel


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can add any number of fuel stations on the readymade fuel delivery app
The cost depends on the features you want to integrate into the app. You can book a free consultation call with our technical experts and quote.
Yes, we give our clients full ownership of license base source code.
We can share an exact cost estimation once you tell us your specific requirements, features, and design needs. You can consult with our technical experts.