Readymade Car Wash App Solution

Get an Uber-like Car wash app and reach out to the customers looking for the right car detailing agents for regular washing & services. Car detailers can expand their reach to broader customers and get rid of fewer walk-ins with the online white-label car wash app solutions.

If you want to build an online car wash app like Carvo and Mobile Wash, you can rely on our years of expertise and talented developers. Get your car wash app developed by the industry experts of the OnDemand app- the top car wash app development company in India, the USA, and Germany.

  • White-label Solutions
  • Decade of Expertise
  • Daily Vehicle Sanitization
  • COVID Safety Measures

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Car Wash app solution

Launch a white-label Car Wash app with the OnDemand App

Car owners often find it daunting to spare time from their busy schedules for car washing and services. But since it is essential and required almost every other day, people are switching to online car wash services.

Car wash agents are lacking enough customer walk-ins despite huge demand. If you are a car detailer or a car servicing agency looking to expand your services online, an On-demand app can help you out.

We offer a complete suite of White-Label on-demand car wash app solutions to help our clients enter the on-demand arena within days and not months.

Get a readymade car wash app like Uber with robust customized for your target customers. Now you can reach out to customers nearby who need a hassle-free way of getting their cars washed and serviced.

We have been leading the on-demand industry for over a decade and have worked with clients worldwide. With our On-demand white-label car wash apps, you can give your customers the convenience of booking a slot for a car wash or detailing on their smartphones.

The online car wash app solutions let people book their slots on the go from anywhere, anytime. There is no need for customers to visit the detailing centre. They can get their cars washed at their doorsteps. They can also schedule their timely car services on the readymade white-label car wash app.

So, go digital with our white-label on-demand car wash app solutions, and you will never miss a potential customer. Boost the sales for your car service agency by connecting with On-demand app- the top car wash app development company in India, USA, Germany, and Canada.

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How do our readymade on-demand Car Wash app solutions benefit your business?

People today want services instantly and conveniently and thus are going digital. With our on-demand car wash app solutions, you can instantly serve your customers with car washing and detailing services.

In a hurry to switch from a traditional car wash agency to digital? We can speed up the whole process and help you launch your white-label car wash app in just 48 hours. Give us your design needs, choose feature customizations, and get ready to go online. You can also see the live demo of our previous works. Make the best benefits for your business with our on-demand car wash apps like carvo.

  • Better Customer Reach
  • Instant Launch
  • Rich Features
  • Efficient Quality
Why Us?

Why choose OnDemand for your Car Wash app business?

At On-demand app, we offer readymade car wash app solutions to keep our clients away from the dilemma of waiting for months. We help you enter the online industry in the least time and with the best features.


We offer white-label on-demand car wash solutions that solve your business purpose under your budget.

Branding that Resonates

The white-label car wash app will have your branding and your business name.

Full Code Ownership

Be stress-free about your app ideas and information security as you get complete ownership.

NDA Security

We keep your app ideas and details secure by signing an NDA before any partnership.

our premium features

Key Features of our Readymade Car Wash App Solutions

Car Details

The users can add detailed information about their car in the online car wash app and choose the wash service accordingly.

Book a Slot

The users can book a car wash slot by adding the date and time in the readymade on-demand car wash app.

Push notification

The users get notifications whenever their booking confirms or for any special offers or discounts.

Wash history

The users can view when they get their car washed or any upcoming washes in wash history.

Cancel Request

The users can cancel a car wash and service booking anytime using the car wash app.

Wash Status

The users can view the status of their car wash bookings, in progress or scheduled.

Washer Profile

Car washers can create their profiles on the readymade car wash app and add all their services.

Instant Notifications

Car washers get instant notifications on the washer when any customer requests wash bookings or make payments.

Upcoming Washes

The washers can view and track all the upcoming washes in a single place to complete all services on time.

Accept/Reject the request

The white-label car wash app gives the washer choice to accept new bookings or reject them if they are busy.

Wash Status

Washers can update the status of wash services as pending, in progress, or complete.


Washers can keep pictures of cars before and after washing to show their service efficiency.

Manage Customers

The admins can view and manage all the customer details and requests on a single admin dashboard.

Manage Detailers

For the aggregator app, the admin can track details of the car washers and detailers and their wash requests.


The admin dashboard shows the history of all the wash requests accepted, pending, or completed in a day.

Manage Wash Requests

The admins can manage multiple wash requests by assigning requests to idle washers.

Manage Payments

The admin can settle the payments of car detailers directly from the readymade on-demand car wash app.

Review Management

The admins can read and respond to the reviews and feedback given by the users and plan future strategies accordingly.

Unique features

Next-gen Features for your On-demand Car Wash App

Heat Map View

The admins can view the areas with the highest number of car wash orders on the map.

Website booking

The users can book a washing slot from the desktop using the car wash web app.


Add On Features for your Car Wash application.

Video Calling

The customers can get in touch with the detailer and explain the services they need for the car.

Estimate Detailing Cost

Customers can understand and calculate the costs for the detailing services before making payments.

CRM Integration

Car detailers can maintain better relations with their customers using their detailed information from the car wash app.


The laundry booking app offers detailed analytics about the business growth, profits, etc.

Manage Ads

The car wash app owners can either add or remove ads from the app.

Marketing Campaigns

The car wash app owners can run multiple marketing campaigns on the app.


Payment Gateway Offered


Technology Stack

Android, iOS, and Web
ReactJs, NodeJS, ExpressJs (Web apps)
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, LevelDB(iOS)
SMS, Voice, and Phone verification
Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications
Google Analytics, Big Data, Apache, IBM, Hadoop
Placement and Sizing
Masonry and SnapKit (iOS)
Schemaless and MySQL
Caching and Queuing
Redis, Twenproxy, Celery workers
Best Plans

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General Features

Native iOS App for Driver

Native iOS App for Shipper

Native Android App for Driver

Native Android App for Shipper

Front-End Website

Admin Panel


Most Frequently Asked Questions

As a startup, you want a feature-rich with little investments. With our readymade white-label car wash apps, you can get full-fledged on-demand car wash apps at affordable costs.
Yes. We use clean codes and follow all the standard security guidelines to make secure and safe white-label car wash apps.
Yes. We sign an NDA to keep your app ideas secure and confined to you only.
Yes. We can build your apps at lightning speed and help you launch your apps within a week.