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Top 5 On-demand Apps for Oil & Gas Industry Managers in 2023

Top 5 On-demand Apps for Oil & Gas Industry Managers in 2021 

Also in normal times, managers in the On-demand Apps petroleum and gas industry have to deal with a great range of complex activities with a vast number of staff, teams, and places.

Yet 2020 has given the sector more challenges. In addition, estimates show that at least two-thirds of all staff are employed remotely and more will be remote and decentralized from now on. Often they work in big teams and leave unconnected.

So COVID-19 has made people online and has provided employees around the world with a modern digital way to keep the business balanced and productive contact among the employees even from afar. And the energy and materials workers are no exception.

Oil and Gas firms, which were very conventional before, face immediate communication difficulties when they first turn to remote work.

That's why we created this list of top apps for fuel delivery industry managers to use in their everyday work.

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Top 5 On-demand apps for Petroleum and gas industry managers in 2021

The software for oil and gas facilitates geological analysis and geological modeling discovery. It is a cloud-based platform developed for the oil and gas industry that supports features including automated workflows, an overview of uncertainty, and reservoir engineering.

Petrel E&P is a viable choice if you use multi-UTM data sets with a very steep learning curve to occasionally use surfaces.

OGys OGpro

oGpro- the leading cloud based petroleum and gas accounting software.

OGpro is a petroleum and gas accounting platform based in the cloud. In order to make the best organisation choices you can make this programme integrates accounting, record management. If you are a start up or large company, the app can be customised to suit your business needs.

You can handle accounts payable and accountable, monitor investor-owner joint billing. Manage the taxes by location and location of the commodity. Depreciating, depreciating and amorticizing DD&&A Track D.


The best oilfield ticketing system and paperwork alternative.

This business management programme for gas and oil allows managers to operate from any position or computer without an Internet connection and also has an offline mode. This operational management app lets you maintain safe and stable templates, lingoes, data fields, marks, and calculations.

FieldCap offers work, ticket, approval, timetable and other forms management features. Streamline operates, recording and billing at a given place with the aid of skilled caregivers


The best cloud based operations management solutions for oil and business dispatch and invoicing.

For domain-centric businesses, like petroleum and gas companies, Aimsio is the cloud-based management solution. The intuitive interface and the efficient web and mobile capabilities of this application support employee management by enhancing organizational productivity to optimize performance and benefit.

This tool ensures that complex everyday workflows are executed efficiently. It helps employee management teams and equipment to ship, collect and submit invoices, and time and material.

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