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Technology Stack For On-Demand Appointment...

Technology Stack For On-Demand Appointment Booking App like Doctor, Car Wash

Regardless of the industry- beauty salon, healthcare, education, or restaurant, booking the services manually is quite a task for both- the customers and the service providers. The customer places a call, then the service provider checks the calendar before confirming the appointment, and then informs the same to the customer depending on the availability.

It's a tedious, tiresome, and time-consuming process that's no longer preferred by the modern tech-savvy people.

Thanks to the on-demand appointment booking application that has streamlined the booking process and enabled the business to gain maximum bookings, and make a profit with 24/7 booking convenience, hassle-free booking management, easier payments, reduced no-shows, reduced workload, and data-driven insights.

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As the world is going mobile, it's good news for the businesses to embrace the mobile booking trend that helps in stepping in with the customers' expectations and making the most out of the opportunity.

The revenue of the on-demand app landscape is expected to reach $335 billion by 2025.

Now, interested in integrating the on-demand appointment booking application with your business services? If so, get partnered with the on- demand booking app development team that provides you custom solution built from scratch or a white-label solution with a couple of tweaks.

However, before moving ahead, it requires in-depth technical knowledge to not get confused when dealing with on-demand mobile app developers. Understanding how vital the knowledge of technology stack is, we have covered technology related-information in this blog.

Let's understand in detail:

Various Industries That Will Get Benefitted With On-Demand Appointment Booking Application:

The Technology Stack That Put Your Business Ahead Of The Competition

The technologies, tools, and techniques used during development have a direct impact on the app's performance and the advantages it brings to the businesses. Take a sneak peek inside at each element individually:

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Front End Technologies That Make UI & UX Unmatched

The on-demand apps have three different interfaces- customer app, service provider app, and web admin panel. The moment the customer land on the mobile app, the UI design creates a long-lasting impression on them and improves conversion and retention. The UI design must be mobile-responsive and perform at speed. The graphics should not be large as they negatively impact the performance.

What We Leverage For Android Front-End Development?

For Android app development, the programming languages like- Flutter, Java, and Kotlin are used. Android design principles must be followed while keeping design thinking and creativity at the core. Android recommends using material designs, typography, iconography, and common patterns to build high-quality apps. Leveraging Android's flexible layout system, the high-performance, compatible, and secured app design is crafted that works seamlessly on a broad spectrum of screen sizes and form factors.

What We Leverage For iOS App Development?

For iOS app development, the intuitive Swift and Objective C languages are used. Apple gives high credence to the following interface design principles- aesthetic integrity, consistency, direct manipulation, metaphors, and user controls so that a clean and efficient interface is crafted.

Three primary iOS design themes- clarity, deference, and depth helps in differentiating the app from other platforms. It includes- content formatting to create the layout that fits the screen size, touch controls to make interactions natural, text size, contrasts, spacing, high- resolution images, image display with intended aspect ratio, and alignment.

The front-end developers translate the design to a code that displays meticulously on the mobile app leveraging HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery, and SASS.

Raise the bar of convenience and usability in the appointment booking apps through unmatched UI design engineering that creates a win-win situation for both- customers and businesses. The content is just the tip of the iceberg, and for more details- visit the Apple and Android platforms' design guidelines to know everything.

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Back-End Technologies That Makes the App Perform

The back-end is the backbone of the mobile app that makes the app work. The “Behind the scene” part of the app is the reality of the app that the users can't see, and it's the place where the back-end architecture is built to connect the content displayed on the front-end with the CMS. The back-end technologies that are used for setting up a mobile app:

Languages that matter a ton

The scripting programming languages such as Python and Ruby are more favored by the developers due to the easy learning curve, and several server frameworks that make building back-end servers with them effortless. Also, Node.JS is gaining popularity due to its Express framework that enables adding JS to the server smoothly.

Back-end server- it's importance?

The back-end server that could be cloud-based or on-site acts as the lifeblood of the on-demand mobile app network. It provides shared resources like- encryption, database, web services, file storage, and security that networks require to operate and work as a hosting platform.

The cloud-based back-ends like- AWS server, Microsoft's Azure, and Google Compute Engine are more popular back-end servers because they eliminate the need to set up the server, perform upgrades, shutting down the servers, and other tasks. With the pay-as-you-go option, the operations scaled as the business grows.

Database that are most favored and used

The database is the dynamic part of the app's back-end that accepts the user's request, fetches the data, and responds in return 24/7. The database also allows the users to add new data and edit the existing data whenever the user wants. Different types of databases like- NoSQL, MySql, and MongoDB are used depending on the app's requirements.

APIs making things easier

APIs (Application programming interface) is the crux of the application, without which connecting the database, software, applications, and software is impossible. Various types of APIs like- JSON API, REST API, GraphQL, XML, and others are used.

That's why the appointment request, users' appointment-related data, payment processing, and notifications dispatch is securely handled from the back-end.

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Brief Summary Of The Third-Party Integrations

In custom on-demand solution development, the developers never play with the functionalities that are ready-to-integrate. Of course, it makes no sense to code and implementing the functionality that's available in the plug-and-play form. Thanks to third-party services like- social channels, payment gateways, CRM, analytics tools, and maps, which enable SMBs to get the app engineered in the least time and effort.

Leverage social power

The social media platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have created APIs, which are easy to integrate with the app. It enables users to login directly using social channels or sharing the app on social channels with a single click.

Offer several payment options

Handling the transactions and related data locally is a big headache for the businesses because they need to invest in infrastructure and ensure security. With payment gateways integration such as PayPal, Stripe,, and Braintree, the best checkout experience is rendered to the users without requiring to manage transactions and taking care of security.

CRMs to strengthen customer relationship

The CRM solution is a great tool that organizes the customers' data, which leads to a better understanding of the customers, better outreach, better customer service, and better customer relationships. The Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, and SalesForce are the well-famous CRMs used for customer relationship management.

Analytics tools to measure performance

It's impossible to improve app performance without checking the customers' pulse and gaining rich insights. The analytics tools like- KISSmetrics, Piwik, Hotjar, and Woopra helps in identifying all the plus points that are converting the users and the pain points that are drifting the users away so that necessary actions are taken at the right time and right place without shooting in the dark.

Summing it up

With the advent of technology and the popularization of on-demand solutions, the prime focus is shifted from shiny features to the underlying technology stack for differentiating the app in the crowd. It's vital to know about the technologies and tools that render the best experience to the customers.

In the piece of content, the technology used to make the front-end looks good and the tech stack that wrap the ugly reality in the back-end to make the front-end work along with some third-party integrations are well-explained. Dig deeper and select the tech stack that helps your business meet the needs and accomplish the far-sighted goals.

Still, if you have any confusion, get connect with our technical consultant and get the query resolved with the necessary assistance.

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