Driven primarily by convenience, the global online food delivery market is predicted to surpass $101 billion by 2033. This blog explores the factors behind this growth and provides an overview of 20 leading food delivery apps shaping the future of how we eat.

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Top 20 Successful Online Food Delivery Applications In 2024

Top 20 Successful Online Food Delivery Applications In 2024


With the rising adoption of a digitized economy and on-demand application-based services globally, ordering food from the comfort of your own home has replaced user behavior of dining out significantly. With a CAGR of 10% projected for the upcoming decade, the market is analytically predicted to increase in valuation from $41.94 billion in 2023 to a whopping estimate of over $101.32 billion by 2033.

This has led to an incredible expansion in on-demand food delivery app development company as they offer opportunities for businesses to disrupt the current market leaders and offer a better user experience at cheaper costs and commissions to capture this increasingly lucrative and profitable market.


Addressing the problems of dwindling dine-in restaurant patrons, most restaurants have either shut down or have started selling their food items online through such food delivery solutions to ensure they don't get left behind by cloud kitchens or their competitors. A large catalyst behind this change is the COVID-19 pandemic that changed user behavior permanently, with food delivery apps seeing their GMV volume increase by over 75% in 2020.

This, alongside grocery shopping in malls also adopting the online on-demand solution pathway, set a trend in favor of online delivery app solutions that continue to gain popularity at the same exponential rate.

Why are On-demand Food Delivery App Company Solutions gaining Popularity?

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Food delivery apps have exploded in popularity globally due to a confluence of factors that appeal to modern lifestyles and consumer demands. The incredible offerings of on-demand applications provide the convenience and time-saving elements of online food delivery, with options ranging a wider variety that is also cost-effective or sometimes even cheaper than dining out.

Some of the main factors behind the rising popularity of online food-delivery apps are:-

Convenience and Time-Saving:

Food consumption patterns have changed over time since people have little time to prepare meals and do grocery shopping due to working long hours, family responsibilities, and the modern lifestyle. The delivery of food to the customers’ doorsteps is convenient because instead of preparing time-consuming meals, customers can rely on these apps.

Variety and Choice:

This availability of all nearby restaurants ranging in a plethora of cuisine types allows people to explore new food items and popular spots without leaving their homes or driving in traffic. Many app providers even provide specialized searches according to the users’ preferred diet, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, halal, and so on, providing easier discovery of preferred meals.

Value and Affordability:

On-demand food Delivery Services are often cheaper than most restaurants as restaurants save on staff salaries and the maintenance of their brick-mortar establishments. This has even led to a rise in cloud kitchens dedicated entirely to food delivery without a dine-in option to maximize efficiency and cost savings.

User-friendly Experience:

The food delivery app development has optimised itself to a great extent in recent years, with popular food delivery apps leveraging GPS and in-app communication to provide real-time order tracking and a large variety of payment options. In a mobile-first generation with modern consumers demanding more convenience and a hassle-free experience, on-demand food delivery solutions are leading the charge with an easy-to-use UI promoting a seamless experience.

Top 20 Food Delivery Apps Globally: A Comprehensive Overview

With a rapidly evolving market and emerging players trying to carve their own niche and secure a better spot in their ranking, new on-demand food delivery app solutions are emerging regularly. To separate the wheat from this chaff, here are 20 of the most popular food delivery applications globally:-

 1. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a food delivery application launched by Uber in 2014. From casual eateries to more upscale options, Uber Eats allows the user to pick any nearby restaurant for their food. Delivery through Uber Eats is fast and dependable, with real-time order tracking. Users also receive notifications when their order is ready. Currently, Uber Eats is operating across more than 6000 cities in the world.

Insights: Dominant in most urban centers, the app is known for its user-friendly application and timely delivery.

Unique Selling Proposition: Seamlessly integrated with Uber's ride-hailing app, allowing both delivery and pick-up options.

 2. DoorDash

DoorDash is a US-based food delivery service that has gained immense popularity. This is due to its fast-delivering network of restaurants. The application provides a seamless way to order food. The interface is quite easy. Features like pre-ordering are available. Contactless delivery is provided. Live tracking is also included. DoorDash is known for its partnerships with popular chain restaurants. They provide different types of cuisines. Various meal options are offered. The app has expanded its services. These include groceries alcohol and convenience store items.

Insights: Strong in North America. Focus on quick delivery. Partnerships with chains are essential.

Unique Selling Point: DashPass subscription for unlimited delivery fees on orders above $12.

 3. Grubhub

One of the oldest and highly established food delivery platforms Grubhub covers a vast network of restaurants in the United States. Grubhub is famous for a wide range of cuisines. It features a diverse range of restaurants. Based on a philosophy of providing the cheapest prices and options, it also regularly discounts its offerings and provides more cost-efficient grocery buying options. These help enhance the overall ordering experience. Grubhub also serves workplaces, with Business entities using it for event and meeting catering

Insights: Strong US presence. It caters to a wide variety of restaurants and offers better options.

Unique Selling Point: "Grubhub+ Perks" for exclusive offers and rewards.

 4. Just Eat

Just Eat is one of the world's largest food delivery app solutions operating across the globe. It serves under several brands such as Just Eat and Hungryhouse in different countries. The company has a strong presence in Europe. It boasts a wide selection of restaurants from which users can order, from local favorites to branded outlets. A slew of offerings like delivery take-out, pick-up, and pre-ordering improve their overall customer satisfaction.

Market Insights: Strong presence in Europe with a host of location-specific features.

Unique Selling Point: Extensive international reach and personalized experiences.

 5. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a European food delivery platform known for its focus on delivering high-quality food from curated restaurants. The dedication to speed and efficiency is evident as it prides itself on partnering with popular and often upscale restaurants. It offers a diverse selection of cuisines and also operates "Deliveroo Editions" - dedicated kitchens. These are designed to optimize delivery speed and efficiency.

Market Insights: Popular in the UK and other European countries with a focus on premium restaurants and fast delivery.

Unique Selling Point: Emphasis on restaurant quality and delivery speed. "Deliveroo Editions" for dedicated kitchens.

 6. Zomato:

Zomato is an Indian food delivery app solution developed as a restaurant discovery platform that has expanded operations to several countries worldwide. It offers a comprehensive platform, including restaurant review ratings, menus, photos, and ordering options. Zomato allows users to book tables at restaurants. Users can explore nearby dining options or order food for delivery from the same app. It is known for its user-generated content that provides insights into restaurant ambiance, service, and cuisine quality.

Market Insights: Dominant in India offering delivery table booking and restaurant reviews.

Unique Selling Point: Comprehensive restaurant information. User-generated reviews and multiple ordering options.

 7. Swiggy

Swiggy is a popular Indian food delivery platform that has become a household name in India. Known for its quick delivery times, Swiggy offers a wide range of restaurants and cuisines. The platform offers special features like a "Swiggy One" subscription service for exclusive benefits such as free deliveries and discounts. It has also expanded its services to include grocery delivery and other on-demand services.

Market Insights: Strong presence in India. Focusing on quick delivery.

Unique Selling Point: Popular in India and known for its "Swiggy One" subscription for free deliveries and discounts.

 8. Foodpanda:

Foodpanda is an international food delivery platform operating in various countries in Asia and Latin America. The platform is popular for offering both delivery and takeaway options. This allows users to choose the most convenient method. Foodpanda also offers grocery delivery and other services in some regions, expanding its reach beyond food delivery.

Market Insights: Strong presence in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia. Focuses on diverse restaurant selection.

Unique Selling Point: Offers delivery, takeaway and grocery options. Focuses on local restaurants.

 9. Postmates

Postmates is a US-based delivery platform offering on-demand delivery services for a wide range of goods and services. While the app is known for its food delivery options, this food delivery solution also delivers groceries, alcohol, and even items from convenience stores. Users can order from local restaurants, supermarkets, and retail stores. This offers a flexible and convenient way to get what they need. Postmates is known for fast delivery times and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Market Insights: Offers a variety of delivery options, even alcohol deliveries.

Unique Selling Point: Offers same-day delivery for a wide range of goods and services, with quick food deliveries and a robust customer service team.

 10. Gojek

A household name in Indonesia, the Gojek on-demand food delivery app company that goes beyond just food delivery, allowing users to hail rides, order groceries, and even manage digital payments. This unified app integration has made Gojek incredibly popular, seamlessly offering unparalleled convenience in a fast-paced world.

Market Insights: Most popular in Indonesia with a dominant market share, offers a wide range of services in addition to food delivery.

Unique Selling Point: A one-stop on-demand solution including food delivery, ride-hailing, and mobile payments.

Interested in learning more about on-demand solutions or perhaps discussing your own unique application idea? Get an experienced on-demand app consultant here!

 11. Rappi

A Latin American multi-service platform well known for its wide range of on-demand services, Rappi provides grocery shopping, pharmacy delivery, and even personal errands. Users can order from multiple curated restaurants, supermarkets, and pharmacies, making Rappi a versatile platform for various needs. Rappi focuses on providing a seamless user experience and fast delivery times for its customers.

Market Insights: The app is very popular in Larin America for its wide range of delivery options.

Unique Selling Point: Offers food delivery, grocery shopping, and pharmacy delivery in the same mobile app solution.

 12. Glovo

A dedicated multi-service European platform that offers food delivery, grocery shopping, and quick commerce services. The food delivery app solution is developed with a focus on speed and convenience, providing same-day delivery for a wide range of goods, including groceries, household items, and even personal items.

Market Insights: Offers a variety of delivery options, including same-day delivery for groceries and other goods.

Unique Selling Point: Offers a wide range of delivery options, including quick commerce for fast deliveries.

 13. Talabat

Based on the fastly evolving on-demand market of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), this food delivery app solution provides a vast selection of restaurants from different cuisines and price points, allowing users to find the perfect meal for their preferences. Known for its reliable service and accurate tracking, the platform also offers exciting loyalty programs and discounts to encourage repeat business from its user base.

Market Insights: Dominant in the MENA region, offering a wide selection of restaurants and delivery options.

Unique Selling Point: Wide restaurant selection, offers loyalty programs and discounts.

 14. Yandex Eats

Part of the extensive ecosystem developed by Yandex in Russia and other CIS countries, Yandex Eats offers a wide selection of restaurants, combining local eateries and international chains in its roster. It is an attractive option among budget-conscious users looking for an attractive option for food delivery alongside competitive pricing. The platform also offers features like pre-ordering, contactless delivery, and order tracking.

Market Insights: Strong presence in Russia and other CIS countries.

Unique Selling Point: Offers a wide range of restaurants, discounts, and loyalty programs.

 15. Amazon Restaurants

Leveraging the vast infrastructure of Amazon globally, Amazon Restaurants is a dedicated food delivery platform by the company that offers a wide selection of restaurants and cuisines, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. This allows existing Amazon customers to seamlessly order food from their unified application, offering discounts and benefits to Prime members, making it a good option for their loyal user base of more than 310 million active users globally.

Market Insights: Leveraging Amazon's existing infrastructure and customer base.

Unique Selling Point: Offers Prime members discounts and benefits.

 16. Instacart

A grocery delivery platform allows users to shop for groceries from various supermarkets and have them delivered straight to the user’s doorsteps. Offering same-day delivery for a wide range of products including fresh produce, pantry staples, and household goods, it has partnered across all major supermarket chains. This enables a more convenient way to shop for groceries from a user-intuitive application.

Market Insights: Offers grocery delivery from a wide variety of stores.

Unique Selling Point: Offers same-day delivery for a wide range of groceries.

 17. Favor

A US-based delivery platform known for its incredible focus on app optimization and speed, Favor is an all-in-one application that allows both grocery and food shopping quickly and reliably. The app is known for its commitment to prompt delivery and a very efficient customer support team.

Market Insights: Offers a variety of delivery options, including same-day delivery for groceries and other goods.

Unique Selling Point: Offers fast delivery and a focus on customer service.

 18. Waitr

Serving smaller cities and towns in the US, Waitr offers a wide selection of local restaurants and cuisines to allow users to discover hidden local businesses and unfound gems. It offers affordable pricing models, loyalty programs, and discounts to make it a popular choice for users who are seeking to support local businesses while availing cheaper delivery options within an online food delivery solution.

Market Insights: Strong presence in the US, particularly in the South.

Unique Selling Point: Offers discounts and loyalty programs.

 19. Careem NOW

A food delivery service offered by Carem, a Middle Eastern ride-hailing platform, the service provides a convenient way of ordering food from a selection of local restaurants. The platform provides unique features like pre-ordering and contactless delivery in its localized market to stand above its competitors, with attractive discounts and a great referral program to cut down on Customer Acquisition Costs.

Market Insights: Strong presence in the Middle East, known for its reliable service.

Unique Selling Point: Offers integrated services, including ride-hailing, food delivery, and grocery delivery.

 20. Lunchbox

A response to the clunky online standalone ordering systems with their predatory middleman commission rates against the restaurants, Lunchbox revolutionizes the on-demand food ordering mobile app market with its unique mission. This is to empower restaurants to build their online ordering system, getting rid of those hefty third-party fees and offering UI, UX, and customer relationship services to boost sales while providing most of the profit margins straight to the restaurants themselves.

Market Insights: Gaining traction in the US, particularly among independent restaurants seeking alternatives to larger, more expensive delivery platforms.

Unique Selling Point: Lunchbox empowers restaurants to own their online ordering experience, keeping more of the revenue and building direct relationships with their customers.

Conclusion: Summing up the Battle for the Best Food Delivery App Solution

The vibrant and diverse ecosystem is plagued by various food-delivering apps catering to wide range of needs, tastes, and locations. While their convenience and variety remain key drivers of industry's growth we're also seeing a shift towards greater sustainability. This includes numerous Hyperlocal offerings and a focus on empowering both restaurants and consumers gaining importance.

As technology advances and consumer preferences continue to evolve, the food delivery sector is poised for even greater innovation. Whether you're craving quick bite seeking culinary adventure, or simply looking for a hassle-free way to get groceries delivered there's a food delivery app out there ready to cater to your needs.

Each delivery app solution offers a similarly advanced user experience, with unique features being regularly imitated by other competitors, making each of them very similar in terms of their offerings. The only question is. What will you order next?

Interested in developing your unique app or customizing your company's food delivery app solution for even quicker results? Schedule a meeting with our expert developers today!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why are food delivery apps so popular?

A: Food delivery apps perfectly cater to our modern, fast-paced lifestyles. They provide unparalleled convenience by saving time and effort, allowing users to order meals from a diverse selection of restaurants with just a few taps on their smartphones. This ease of use, combined with tempting promotions and loyalty programs, has significantly contributed to their widespread adoption.

Q: How big is the online food delivery market?

A: The online food delivery market is experiencing explosive growth, reflecting a global shift towards on-demand services. Currently estimated at $41.94 billion, the market is projected to reach a staggering $101.32 billion by 2033. This exponential growth presents lucrative opportunities for both established players and innovative newcomers in the food tech space.

Q: What are some key features of successful food delivery apps?

A: A seamless and user-friendly experience is crucial for food delivery apps. This includes features like a clean interface, real-time order tracking, secure payment options, and diverse restaurant choices with advanced search filters. Successful apps also leverage personalized recommendations, loyalty programs, and exclusive discounts to retain users and drive customer loyalty.

Q: What are some of the top food delivery apps worldwide?

A: The global food delivery market boasts several major players. Uber Eats and DoorDash hold significant market share in North America, while Just Eat is prominent in Europe. In Asia, platforms like Swiggy, Foodpanda, and GrabFood are popular choices. Other notable apps include Deliveroo, Zomato, and Grubhub, each catering to specific regions or niches.

Q: What does the future hold for the food delivery industry?

A: The future of food delivery is ripe with exciting possibilities. Beyond traditional restaurant delivery, we can anticipate a surge in grocery delivery, meal-kit services, and even drone delivery for faster and more efficient fulfillment. Expect to see a stronger focus on sustainability, hyper-personalized recommendations, and tighter integration with smart home ecosystems.

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